Thursday, July 13, 2017

How To Plant Chocolate Flower

The chocolate Cosmos: caring for plants grow flowers of chocolate Cosmos

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Image by mb fotos
By Angi Schneider-writer of gardening Notebook

Chocolate is not just for the kitchen, as well as for Children-especially the chocolate.Grow chocolate Cosmos caudatus will please any chocolate fan. Read on to learn more about growing and taking care of chocolate cosmos in the Park.

Chocolate Cosmos Info

Chocolate Cosmos caudatus (Cosmos atrosanguineus) dark reddish-brown, almost black, and it has the smell of chocolate. They are relatively easy to grow, make cut flowers are beautiful and attract butterflies. Chocolate Cosmos plants often grow in containers and border color and aromas so that they can be fully enjoyed.

Plant chocolate Cosmos, which is native to Mexico, can grow outside as timeless inhardiness zones 7 and above. It can also grow outside as a yearly, or in a container and overwintered in a colder climate.

Spread the chocolate Cosmos plants

Unlike most other, chocolate Cosmos Cosmos caudatus applied by root tuberous they are. Seed is sterile, so plant the seeds of chocolate cosmos will not get the plants you want.
Finding the root that has "eyesor new growth on them to start new plants.

If you grow chocolate Cosmos caudatus as annual, the best time to look for this is when you dig them up in the fall. If you grow chocolate Cosmos caudatus as immortal, every few years You can dig them up and share them in early spring.

Taking care of chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos plants like fertile ground, dried and full sun (6 hours of sunshineper day).

Too much water will cause root rot, but once a week in the water will keep them healthy and happy. Be sure to let the soil dry between waterings; Remember that the chocolate Cosmos caudatus originated in dry areas.

After the blooms have died, the plant will greatly benefit from it is deleted, so be sure to deadhead the Cosmos on a regular basis.

In warmer climates, where they are grown as perennials, chocolate Cosmos plant should be heavily mulched over the winter. In cold climates, where the chocolate Cosmos plant grown as an annual, they can be dug in fall and overwintered in a frost free area in a little moist peat moss. If they are in a container, make sure to bring them in for the winter.